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Me Skill Cycle

Tom Allsopp’s Skill Cycle Coaching System – On-Court Video

This video was taken from a coaching session I gave in Portland. I believe the information is valuable to players, parents and coaches. I explain the basic philosophy of the TPA Tennis ... Continue Reading →
tennis kids

Making Tennis ‘Play’ not ‘Work’ with a Cooperative Style of Coaching

By Tom Allsopp The video below is by the late, great Alan Watts. It has been shortened and spliced in order to make it more appropriate for tennis enthusiasts. When I first saw the ... Continue Reading →
Roger Federer

Roger Federer Religious Experience Video & Article

This is an excerpt from a New York Times 2006 article by David Foster Wallace titled ‘Federer as Religious Experience’ This present article is more about a spectator’s ... Continue Reading →

Become a Better Tennis Player and/or Coach with the TPA tennis Skill Cycle Coaching System (SCCS)

By Tom Allsopp I (Tom Allsopp) have developed a system that will change the way you look at and learn tennis forever. If you are a player my system will allow you to see the big picture ... Continue Reading →
Get in the Zone

How to Get in the Zone

By Tom Allsopp Try to remember where u were and how u felt when you were at your best. Try to quantify the following emotions and feelings at that moment in time: Was your confidence ... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Tennis by Andre Agassi

In this video Andre Agassi elegantly articulates why tennis is such a beautiful sport and symbolic of life. I don’t believe I need to add anything to Agassi’s amazing words. ... Continue Reading →

How to Improve your Volleys & Fast Hands by Larry Jurovich

I believe that the coach in this video is Larry Jurovich from Lauruscoachingsolutions.com. In this video Larry helps professional player Xinyun Han (Monica) to improve her volley ... Continue Reading →

Coaching Strategies For Motivating Players to Work Harder

Keith Reynolds, my friend and mentor since the age of 16, uses his unique style of coaching in this video to motivate two junior players to work harder. His methods encourage the players ... Continue Reading →

The Best Athlete in Sports Today?

Let Me Serve Up a Suggestion If I ask you to name some top athletes in sports today, who would you think of right away?  LeBron James in basketball?  Adrian Peterson in football?  ... Continue Reading →

Pete Sampras Documentary – Beyond the Glory

This very interesting, inspirational and emotional documentary starts with video footage of Pete Sampras beating Andre Agassi to win the 2002 US Open. He was 31 years old and ranked ... Continue Reading →

Games for Handling Pressure and Improving Focus – Video

In this video Mike Barrell provides us with two fantastic games. The games are designed with children in mind but I find that they work equally as well with adults. Game 1 – ... Continue Reading →

How Good Does a Tennis Pro Have to be to Make a Living?

This article is from 2009 so the figures will have changed but the article is still very relevant and interesting. Article by Christopher Beam from Slate.com During Andy Roddick’s ... Continue Reading →

Incorporating Decision Making Into Every Training Session

By Tom Allsopp In tennis, as in life, the decision comes before the action. As tennis coaches and parents working with players we must never forget this. I try to always incorporate ... Continue Reading →

The ABC’s of Modern Tennis Footwork by Coach Sveto (DVD Trailer)

This tennis video, ‘ABC’s of Modern Footwork’ was made by Coach Sveto Matovic. It is designed for players of all ages to improve their movement on court. This video ... Continue Reading →

Mike Agassi – Create Your Battlefield & Learn From Everyone

Throughout this interview I think that Mike Agassi makes many great points. I agree with his thoughts on the ‘battlefield’ making great players. Each player has something ... Continue Reading →

How to Serve like Andy Roddick or Pete Sampras (Video)

After searching long and hard I have found an amazing serving video on YouTube…. Somax Performance Institute gives us a fantastic analysis of Andy Roddick’s 150mph serve. ... Continue Reading →

Del Potro Under 14′s Orange Bowl Final (beats Cilic)

This video is great! Del Potro’s movement and balance is amazing for someone so tall and so young. They normally look like they don’t have control of their body at that ... Continue Reading →

Wimbledon Day 3: Slippery Courts, Player Withdrawals, Federer Falls

Wimbledon day 3 was one of the most eventful and worst days at Wimbledon that I can ever remember. 7 former number one players in the world lost today! We lost count of the amount ... Continue Reading →

Analyzing the 10,000 Hour Rule in Tennis

By Tom Allsopp Over the past couple of years the 10,000 hour rule has become a commonly used term, especially amongst athletes. For those who are not yet aware of this ‘rule’ ... Continue Reading →

Tennis and Youth: Down a set and a Break

By Keith H. Tennis used to be a more popular sport to play than it is now.  Back in the 70s and 80s, it seemed  had a wooden racket in the closet or the car trunk, ready for a game ... Continue Reading →