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Why Your Child Might Not be Performing to the Best of Their Ability

This video is taken from a cricket match but don’t worry, you don’t have to like or understand cricket to learn something from this video. Firstly I want to apologize for the poor quality of the video and I hope you can hear everything that is being said, if not the article says it all, and more.

The two people talking are Shane Warne and Nasser Hussain. Shane Warne is probably the best bowler of all time so he knows how to perform under pressure.

I love the advice that they give because it is simple and something that everyone can try and work on. The problem most players have when competing, especially if the match gets close, is that they tighten up and start thinking about missing rather than having confidence in their game and committing to each shot. Nasser Hussain thinks that “good players don’t seem to worry too much they just play.”

Shane Warne explains that great players “don’t think about what could happen…. they don’t have too many negative thoughts.” Warne also states, “the more relaxed you can be, the more chance you have of executing your skills and performing.” This is great advice but I feel as though many children don’t get to play being relaxed because of the pressure that parents put on them. It is up to the parent to decide how to treat their child and it is easy to justify the “tough love” being handed out. But I am just making the case that a visibly frustrated parent on the sideline will not allow the player to relax and play without negative thoughts most of the time.

Very rarely will you see a coach of a top professional looking negative during a match. They understand that the player needs to be confident and in the right frame of mind to play their best tennis. The advice from the cricket experts in this video becomes very difficult to put into practice with the added pressure of a visibly frustrated coach or parent.

Parents, please try to be positive and not put any unnecessary pressure on your child. Without the added pressure, your child may be able to relax and play the way that they are capable of playing.

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